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Val d'Orcia

The Val d' Orcia is only in all the senses, with its dune scene white women: famous crete the senesi ones, that they form a landscape similar to that lunar one, crowned from country houses and cut from the long line of cypresses that accompany the campaign roads. Rich of suggestions, it is dipped between medieval castles and calanchi until the bottom of it goes them where the Orcia river slides.

The Orcia is born at feet of Cetona Mount, between Saint Casciano goddesses Bagni and Sarteano, heads to north in a width and strict plain, cleared to leave since 1929 and always watched of Amiata, then fold to the west through the wild throat dominated from Rocca and Ripa d' Orcia. To, after station FFSS Amiata Mount and the tortuous road of Antimo and Montalcino, the landscape makes totally, end here maremmano when the river is thrown in the Ombrone. Between two mounts, the Amiata Mount and the Cetona Mount, the hills and the calanchi offer to the tourists dull various from those of the city.

Warm Term, sources, soffioni complete the picture, and demonstrate that the Amiata giant is still very alive. Mète of baths cured to you, pauses strengthening, unusual sources of energy, the warm waters and the vapours of the Amiata gives to the landscape of this depositor of the mount an amazing and often Dantesque atmosphere. Nearly coinciding with the ancient Cassia it was the tracing of the Way Francigena, one of the "vie Rome" medieval that lead the pilgrims towards Rome.

The tracing - of which we conserve an taken care of description of the 994 from part of Sigerico, archbishop of Cànterbury - across the Alps to the Great Saint Bernardo, caught up Parma, across the Appennino coming down to Pontremoli and Lucca. The tracing grazed Florence then, and it headed to south towards Siena. After the Amiata, it salted to Radicofani, coasted the lake of Bolsena, continued towards Rome for Montefiascone, Viterbo and Sutri Happily distant from the guiding ones of the high speed and from the great nodes of the traffic, its lacked industrial development and the persistent tie the population with the earth and the traditional trades dignity elsewhere disowned has safeguarded the relationship man-atmosphere elevating it to one.

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