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Casa Franci

Casa Franci is inside the storic center of Contignano, one common fraction of Radicofani, situated to the inside dell the Natural and Cultural Artistic Park of the Val d' Orcia, World-wide Patrimony of the Unesco from the 2 July 2004. Itís a centre of historical and tourist interest, of roman origin, 480 meters on the sea level. Itís famous for the optimal cheese pecorino that it is produced to you and for the "Festival of the Raviolo" that keeps every year in August. The "extension of the geranio" in the month of April, the musical concerts to the open, in the evocative frame of the historical centre, and the preparation of the "Artistic Manger". The village deserves a visit in every month of the year for the chromatic changeability of the campaign in which it is immersed, for the tranquillity and the good kitchen. E' an ideal shelter for who loves the nature and the sport.

Services of Contignano:

  • The Newspaper stand, grocery and Tobacco of Putgioni Maria is found in the adjacent historical centre to the room.
  • The Butcher shop and Foods of Giovannoni Lorenza are found in via of the Orcia, to the income of Contignano.
  • Beside the butcher shop the Several store of Anna Semplicini is situated Article where we find all for the house.
  • Of particular importance for the economic development and we say also tourist of Contignano the Social Cheese factory "Val d' Orcia" producing of an optimal cheese pecorino, famous for to have been rewarded like "better pecorino of Italy".
  • The Bars of Contignano are two: Frank bars, situated in via of the Village close to the Porticciola of the castle and the Bellandi Small farm, always in via of the Village hardly outside from the castle on the road for Radicofani.
  • There is the Pub "Green Point" with evenings of live music and also paninoteca and birreria. E' situated in via of the Orcia in front of the cheese factory.
  • The restaurant: the Bellandi Small farm, beautifulst premises of recent restructure. It offers local menu and it is opened all the year.
  • The pharmacy and the medical outpatients' department are in via of the Orcia but the Monday, the Wednesday and the Friday are opened alone.
  • Medical Emergencies: not there are hospitals to Contignano and nearest they are to 30 km of distance (Saint Abbadia Salvatore and Nottola). For the emergencies to call the 118.
  • The fuel distributor is hardly outside from the country, very visible, but he does not offer the self-service therefore is possible to resupply itself single during the working hours.
  • The Laboratory of Ceramics and Restorations of Guerrini Manila, offers numerous workings in poor art, is found in via Ettore Floras.
  • The Internet Point is in via Ettore Floras, of forehead to the Bellandi Small farm.
  • The Communal Swimming pool is in via of the Garden, neighbour to the systems sportswomen and offers to the service bar with wide spaces greens and a magnificent panorama on the Val d' Orcia.

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